6 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Basement Renovation Company

Dated: 04/17/2018

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6 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Basement Renovation Company 
Many challenges face homeowners when they start working on the idea of developing their basement.

From design ideas to ensuring the quality work done within a specific time frame and budget. The first step to a successful renovation project is choosing the right company. We have put together 6 items to look for that would guarantee the results and the quality you are aiming for.

1-Check for business license
Legitimate contractors should always carry a valid business licence. It indicates they have met the municipal requirements and would be able to obtain the necessary construction and trade permits.

2-Inquire about WCB insurance
Make sure the contractor of your choice carries workers compensation board insurance for their crew. A contractor that cares about their crew will care about their clients and their business. And will save you out of trouble if someone gets hurt on job-site. It’s absolutely free and very advisable to obtain a clearance letter from the WCB website.

3-Require liability insurance
Every contractor should carry a liability insurance, it is hugely beneficial in case of property damage or injury. Always ask for the certificate of liability insurance before signing the contract.

4- Read Reviews and Speak with references
Reading verified reviews from other homeowners who dealt with the company will give you a good idea of what you may expect, and the quality of the work done. Talking to former clients would help you understand how the work went. Both will ensure to provide an insight into any problems, and whether the project was done within budget and on time.

5-Ask questions
Asking questions will give you the confidence in making the right choice before the work begins. A good contractor would not avoid your questions and will take the time to listen to your concerns. They understand the value of investing that project and respect that. Some of the key questions you should be asking are: Who will be responsible and who will carry out the work? How many similar jobs have they done previously? Are there any other costs they should anticipate other than in the quote? What happens if they are not on schedule? What type of warranties do they offer? Why should you choose them over others?

6-Consider the contractor communication and get everything in writing
A good Contractor would have excellent communication skills that would support their work and make the process easier for their clients. They should be able to address your concerns & answer all questions even before signing the contract. As a contractor that cares about your business, they will always find enough time for you. After the negotiation phase, it is imperative to have a comprehensive contract that includes the project and business details in writing.

Following the advice above will give you a great chance of reducing the risk of ending up with an unqualified contractor. These tips, plus your own due diligence will enable you to choose the best contractor for the job.
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